Welcome to the Emergency Services, Inc. Scribe Homepage

Emergency Services, Inc. (ESI) is a private group of emergency physicians who provide coverage for Mount Carmel West, Mount Carmel Grove City, Mount Carmel East, and Diley Ridge. ESI has been providing emergency medical care in Columbus, Ohio since 1972.

We will be hiring a new group of scribes this spring (2017). All candidates should be planning to attend medical school in the future and are looking to work in an environment that will give them maximum exposure to the world of medicine. As physicians (and people who remember the effort and commitment that it takes to gain admission to medical school) we feel that this program offers a unique opportunity.

As a scribe, you will be exposed first-hand to all aspects of emergency medicine, and you will play a vital role in the management of our patients. Virtually all of your time here is spent working one-on-one with our physicians, entering every exam room with the doctor, involvement in behind the scenes activities, and learning a lot of medicine along the way.